Installation of water-purifying constructions
Better, naturally to entrust work to professionals. For this day there are many companies which will count and will realize system with a clearing construction (almost always — underground) both at a stage of construction of the house, and in already ready cottage, and further will be engaged in support of its working capacity. But superfluous zaniye still damaged to nobody.

The size and type of the device depends on that, how many the person will use it and during what time.

There is an unlimited quantity of the models being the candidate of the centralized or street sewerage on a country site. They occupy the space approximately equal of 5 sq.m. It is considered to be the most "favorable" version a septic tank. If the difficult system like SBR or an aerotenka needs to be ordered in firm, it absolutely really to design without the aid of others. This tank is easy-to-work, non-volatile, reliable, normally is suitable for needs of a two-three of guests of giving which, besides, is manned only in the summer. But, its user volume makes 250 l on the person and quality of cleaning not the ideal. The layer of active silt or a bio film arises here without the aid of others. Capacity do of concrete or the metal not subject to oxidation. There is also an easy option — polymeric, but it is required to be attached to the concrete plate laid at the bottom of a ditch that did not come up on a surface under the influence of proceeding ground waters. To make a pressure in a network, in some units arrange the siphon chamber with the automatic dosing-out adaptation. In the lower part of the device there is an exit for the cleared waters.

Installation of water-purifying constructions
To have a design more than 5 m from the house follow at distance, is deep in the earth (drainage ditches or pipes should be supplied with lattices for a mechanical filtration of a rigid waste). Not less often than once a year the tank is better for cleaning, leaving, but, a part of silt in order that process of cleaning did not go out. Remote active substance often add in a kompostny heap — it suits on fertilizer.

From ready «to the use» complexes septic tanks "Tver", "Yubas", "Tolbio", "Ecoline" are known. Their cost fluctuates in borders from 60 to 120 thousand roubles. At a choice follows visit attention to productivity, size of the consumed electric power of system, number of "users" on which it is calculated as greatly copes with work.

Aerotenki (for example, "Biotal", "Topas", "Bioksi") — is slightly more expensive, from 68 thousand roubles, but cope with the work better. Metatenki (in a combination to biofilters) enter into the "Aspen" design, «the Favourite Plus». It products of the Russian producers, differing reliability and the low price — from 50 thousand roubles. Cost of installation works begins from 10 thousand roubles.

Installation of water-purifying constructions
Ovods type installations stand the house. Organic chemistry decomposition here goes by means of ultra-violet radiation on modern bezreagentny technology. They while are widespread it is less, than others though are productive and cost cheaper — from 20 thousand roubles.

In the house where live it is more than 10 people, not out of place will add a clearing complex with a zhiroulovitel (a fat separator). It is insignificant, made of stainless steel or propylene and operates by a settler principle. Being formed the film gathers for surfaces of a waste a rotary pipe with a longitudinal crack and incorporates in the separate tank. In civilized countries such working off utilize. The device establish, for example, under a sink in kitchen or together with other equipment — underground. Its price begins from 3 thousand dollars.