Air Krete

Air Krete, a proprietary cementitious foam insulation, has been around since the mid-1980s. It is an inorganic foam made from magnesium oxychloride cement (which is derived from sea water) and a particular variety of ceramic talc mined in Governor, New York. These minerals are mixed with a proprietary foaming agent (“glorified soap suds,” according to Air Krete inventor R. Keene Christopher) and sprayed with pressurized air through a foaming gun.8

Air Krete was developed and patented by Air Krete, Inc., of Weedsport, New York. The company licenses manufacturers and installers and provides the proprietary ingredients. According to the manufacturer, the marketing strategy is to license the Air Krete technology to various manufacturers in the United States and worldwide so that these manufacturers can be in close prox­imity to their market areas, typically within a 200-mile radius.