Blanket Insulation: Batts and Rolls

Blanket insulations are flexible, bound products made from miner­al (glass, rock, and slag) or cotton fibers. They are available in widths suited to standard spacings of wall studs and attic or floor joists. They come in rolls or batts in standard widths, usually to fit between framing on 16 or 24" centers. Continuous rolls can be hand-cut and trimmed to fit. Batts are available in a variety of pre­cut lengths. Available with or without vapor retarder facings, the thickness and density of the insulation varies depending on the li­vable desired. Batts with a special flame-resistant facing are also available in various widths for applications such as basement walls where the insulation will be left exposed. Newer products on the market include plastic-wrapped batts and fiberglass batts encap­sulated in nonwoven fabric.