Environmental considerations

Tripolymer Foam is reportedly environmentally safe because it does not produce or emit CFCs or HCFCs.

Fire resistance

Increased fire resistance over other plastic foams is one of this product’s strengths. Fire characteristics when tested according to ASTM E84 reveal that the product has a flame spread of 5, smoke development rating of 0, and fuel contribution of 0. It also dramat­ically improves the fire safety ratings of any applied material because it will not burn or produce smoke.

Tripolymer Foam increases the fire ratings of many wall sys­tems. ASTM E119 test results show that when Tripolymer Foam is installed in 3V2" steel stud walls, fire ratings increase from 1 hour to 1 hour and 45 minutes. In a 372" wood stud wall system, fire rat­ings increased from V2 hour to 1V2 hours plus. In renovation appli­cations, Tripolymer Foam can be used to raise existing fire ratings of noncompliant or substandard fire-rated walls without the demo­lition of existing walls or the addition of extra layers of gypsum wallboard.