Installation precautions and limitations

As stated earlier, the following items may be in concert with or in contradiction with the adopted state and federal building codes. The building codes are a minimum level of safety and quality and must be adhered to.

1. Heaters and recessed light fixtures must not be covered by the insulation unless the fixture has a direct-contact rating. It is recommended that a minimum of 3 in of airspace be maintained between any fixtures and the blocking.

2. Cold air returns and combustion air intakes for hot-air furnaces must not be blocked, or the insulation installed in such a man­ner as to allow it to be drawn into the system.

3. Insulation must not be in contact with chimneys or flues. A min­imum of 3" of airspace must be maintained, with blocking used to retain the insulation.

4. This insulation is not recommended for filling the cavities of masonry walls.

5. Consult the manufacturer about using wet-spray cellulose below grade or ground level because of moisture considerations.

6. This insulation is to be used in the temperatures range of —50 to 180°F.

7. The installer must wear appropriate respiratory protective equipment.