Installation precautions and limitations

As stated earlier, the following items may be in concert with or in contradiction with the adopted state and federal building codes. The building codes are a minimum level of safety and quality and must be adhered to.

6. Dry cellulose insulation is not recommended for use in side – walls below grade.

7. Dry cellulose insulation is not recommended for filling the cav­ities of masonry walls.

8. Dry cellulose insulation is to be used in the temperature range of -50 to 180°F (-45.6 to 82.2°C).

9. The installer must wear appropriate respiratory protective equipment.

10. Installers and specifiers are advised to refer to other relevant documents, including the National Electrical Code, ASTM Standard C1015, СІМА Technical Bulletin 1, and СІМА Technical Bulletin 3 for additional information.