Model Energy Code compliance assistance

The DOE has developed a number of resources to guide architects, builders, designers, plan checkers, and field inspectors in meeting the requirements of the MEC and the newer IECC. The MECcheck Manual is a clear and comprehensive compliance guide that describes the basic requirements of the code for building envelopes, heating and cooling, electrical systems, materials, and equipment. Included are three approaches for attaining compliance, guidance for plan checkers and field inspectors, and several forms and check­lists. The MECcheck Software calculates tradeoffs between all building envelope components and heating and cooling equipment efficiencies. The software is capable of generating reports that can be used to document code compliance. MECcheck Prescriptive Packages instruct design and construction professionals on how to select a package of insulation and window requirements based on the specific climate zone in which their building is located. Each cli­mate zone package lists all compliance standards for insulation, glazing areas, glazing U-values, and heating and cooling efficiency.