Product description

DS fiberglass can be used in nonexposed applications of residential or light commercial projects, whether it be new construction or ren­ovation. The UltraFit DS System does not contain any chemicals or additives that are conducive to corrosion of pipes, wires, or metal stud framing systems. The inorganic qualities of this system do not cause fungus growth or promote an attraction for insects or pests.

The binder is a powdered inorganic adhesive that gets mixed in with the loose-fill fiberglass at the manufacturing plant. Once the job site has been prepared and cleaned, a certified installer blows the DS fiberglass through a hose into the wall. Nozzles mix water with the fiberglass as it is sprayed into the wall, activating the premixed adhe­sive. This chemical reaction automatically bonds the fibers together, creating a monolithic blanket of insulation in sidewall applications that significantly reduces voids and air gaps. After spraying, the installer goes back over the face of the wall framing with a power scrubber to plane off excess insulation, which is vacuumed up and fed back into the hopper. The drying time is also similar to wet-spray cel­lulose. A curing period of 24 hours is the typical waiting period after application before gypsum wallboard can be installed.

According to the manufacturer, there is very little airborne glass fiber during application. Water is used to activate the glue, which keeps the material wet during application.