Product description

Foamed under pressure with a microscopic cell generator and com­pressed air, the insulation is fireproof, insect-proof, and nontoxic. It can be foamed in place in closed-wall cavities or masonry-block cav­ities. Gypsum wallboard, paneling, planks, and lath and plaster are interior finishes that have performed well with Air Krete.

For open-cavity installations, a fine screen is stapled across the opening to hold the foamed-in-place material when it is being installed. Air Krete will need a short drying period before a wall can be closed up. The resulting product is nontoxic, odorless, light­weight, and rigid, but the material is friable (easily crumbled) when dry.9 Air Krete eliminates air infiltration per American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) C518.76 at 750°F and does not shrink per ASTM 951. It also does not expand or settle and is 100 percent cavity filling. The product is fully cured in 28 days.

Air Krete is also a soundproofing material that is used very effec­tively in interior sound partitions. Water noises are effectively reduced when Air Krete is used to encase plumbing pipes. The insulation used to be pink but now has a blue-green tint, achieved with an inert mineral pigment.8 No CFCs or HCFCs are used as foaming agents. It is fireproof, rot-proof, and bug-proof and does not off-gas at all.