Product description

Tripolymer Foam is installed by С. P. Chemicars network of certi­fied insulation applicators. Specially engineered equipment (patent nos. 4,103,876 and 4,246,230) have been designed by С. P. Chemical Company for application of Tripolymer Foam insulation and are required in the installation of the foam.

Tripolymer Foam products are phenolic-based, methylene-linked synthetic polymers. The Tripolymer Form system consists of two components: an aqueous resin solution and foaming agent/catalyst. These materials are mixed together with compressed air and blown into walls and spaces by trained applicators, usually from the exte­rior of the home to minimize extraneous residue adhering to inte­rior materials.

Tripolymer Foam does not wet or distort gypsum wallboard sys­tems and can be used to insulate brick, block, stucco, wood frame, or steel frame structures. It first looks like shaving cream but sets in approximately 10 to 30 seconds. Final curing is within 48 to 72 hours, depending on thickness. There is no further expansion once the foam leaves the delivery hose. It has very good fire-resistance properties, is fungi-resistant, and nontoxic, and does not contain any petrochemicals or fire-retardant chemicals (Fig. 10.4).

The cellular structure of Tripolymer Foam provides an effective acoustical barrier against airborne sound transmission. This sys­tem lends itself to new construction and interior partition walls, as well as existing construction where noise problems become evident. A minimum thickness of 2" is recommended. Tripolymer Foam reduces the resonance vibration of interior finishes that normally amplify sound levels. The actual amount of noise reduction is affected by the composite wall and ceiling construction.