Product description

Cotton insulation is a batt insulation with kraft paper facing made from polyester fibers and ground-up denim scrap from blue jean and T-shirt factories. Cotton thermal insulation is 75 percent cot­ton and 25 percent polyester and is treated with a flame retardant and insect/rodent repellents. The polyester improves tear strength and recoil characteristics. It meets the same class I standards for fire resistance as fiberglass insulation. The batts come in widths of 15, 16, 23, and 24". R-values include R-ll, R-13, R-19, and R-30.19

Cotton insulation does not irritate the skin during installation and is composed of approximately 95 percent postindustrial recy­cled fiber. According to one installer, the fibers are a lot tougher than glass fibers, making cutting with a knife a little difficult.19