Рубрика: Adhesives: 4th Volume

Joint Geometry

When this paper was initially conceived, it was felt that joint geometry should be discussed. Why? With a pressure-constant strain device, the joint geometry is easily visualized because the strain on the sealant does not fluctuate by any action of the tester meaning that when the sealant thins, the probe goes deeper into the joint, […]

Nondestructive Field Testing of Installed Weatherproofing Sealant Joints—Questions and Answers

ABSTRACT: With current expectations for building exteriors to prevent all air and water entry into the building interior, the need for a near perfect seal of weatherproofing sealant joints has reached new levels of intensity. The need for better field tests has increased accordingly. To reach these goals, ASTM Standard C-1521-02a [1] has been developed […]