Additional Types of Waterproofing Not Addressed in this Paper

This paper does not address waterproofing that is intended to be exposed to traffic, such as the materials described in the following standard.

• ASTM Specification for High-Solids Content, Cold Liquid-Applied Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane with Integral Wearing Surface (ASTM C957)

Additionally, several important types of waterproofing are not included in this review because of the lack of a material specification that covers the completed membrane as a waterproofing material. For example, there are material specifications for waterproofing asphalt and ply materials used in making a built-up bituminous waterproofing membrane—but none for the completed built-up membrane.

The installation of some of the materials we have omitted from this paper is described in the following standards.

• ASTM Guide for Design of Built-Up Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing Systems for Building Decks (ASTM C 981)

• ASTM Guide for Standard Details for Adhered Sheet Waterproofing (ASTM D 5898)

• ASTM Practice for Application of Self-Adhering Modified Bituminous Waterproofing (ASTM D 6135)

• ASTM Guide for Application of Fully Adhered Hot-Applied Reinforced Waterproofing Systems (ASTM D 6622)

• ASTM Guide for Application of Fully Adhered, Cold-Applied, Prefabricated Reinforced Modified Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing Systems (ASTM D 6769)

• ASTM Practice for Application of Heat Weldable Atactic Polypropylene (APP) Modified Bitumi­nous Waterproofing Membranes Systems for New Building Decks (ASTM D 6950)



Test Method

Cold Liquid-Applied


No leakage

Hydrostatic pressure over cracks, ASTM C 1306 or D 5385—with minimum 1.6 mm (1/16 in.) crack width, at twice the building’s anticipated hydrostatic pressure

Hot Liquid-Applied

CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 Single Ply Membranes

ASTM D 6 і 34, Type I

ASTM D 6134, Type II

CAN/CCiSB-37.54-95, Type 4, Class C

CAN/CGSB-37-GP-52M, Type 2,

No leakage

Watertightncss, CAN/CGSB

Class В

-37-GP-52M. Following a dynamic impact test, 500 mm head of water for 16 h.

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