Adhesion on Low E Coated Glass

Table 4 reports tensile strengths measured after different ageing cycles for 12 mm x 12 mm x 50 mm glass/glass H-bars. The glass is a low E coated glass (with low sensitivity to hydrolysis), as such or edge deleted. Two primers were also evaluated: 1200 OS Primer Clear (wet primer) and Pyrosil® (dry primer).

All results showed 100 % cohesive failure with little impact on the tensile strength, which indicates excellent adhesion durability. Usually, 6 weeks of water immersion at 45 °C are required in the European technical agreement for sealants used in structural glazing [9], however, up to 7 weeks of water immer­sion in 55°C water were successfully tested in this study, however, with some softening of the sealant (lower modulus and hardness). The use of primers and/or edge deletion did not affect the results.