Adhesion Properties—A Comparison of Commercial Sealant Properties

Sealants were applied on various substrates, and were tested by a 180° hand peeling method after cure at 23°С for seven days. The test results for commercial sealants and the NTP sealant are shown in Table 2. The good adhesion property of silyl-terminated polyethers to various substrates is generally known. The NTP sealant also shows good adhesion in this test as do silyl-terminated polyether sealant. It has been recognized that NTP’s silyl-functional groups at the polymer terminals and the polar functional groups, e. g., ester groups, of side chain, can produce many interactions, enhancing their respective adhesiveness to metals, plastics, and glass. Therefore, a NTP can adhere to various substrates. It is expected that NTP sealants will be used for construction, industrial, and automotive applications because of their good adhesion to a wide range of substrates.