ASTM E2188-10 Test Procedure: Expectations

Test-unit failure caused by workmanship issues related to the initial fabrication of the 14 x 20 in.2 (350 x 500 mm2) units is normally expected to be seen very early in the testing process, typically in the first couple of weeks of high humidity [6]. Once

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past this point, test units of the configuration in this study can be expected to com­plete the entire cycle without evidence of increased frost temperatures or argon loss caused by workmanship of the construction. If there was a sign which indi­cated that a unit was either demonstrating higher frost temperatures (therefore gaining moisture from the outside atmosphere) or losing argon, which could be interpreted as the induced effects of edge-seal strains at the PIB-to-glass or PIB-to – spacer interface.

Finite-Element Modeling and Validation