Epoxy Adhesives

Three different types of epoxy adhesives were used. The first epoxy type A (a moisture insensitive epoxy adhesive intended for bonding between hardened concrete and steel) has a reported tensile strength of 48 MPa, tensile elongation limit of 1.9 %, and a modulus of elasticity equal to 3726 MPa [19]. Epoxy type B (intended for use in conjunction with Carbon FRP fabrics in wet lay-up strengthening systems) is reported to have a tensile strength of 72.4 MPa, tensile elongation of 5.0 %, and a modulus of elasticity of 3180 MPa [20]. Epoxy type C (a moisture tolerant, high strength, high modulus epoxy adhesive, intended for vertical and overhead applications), according to manufacturer’s specifications, has a tensile strength of 30 MPa, ultimate tensile strain of 1.5 %, and a modulus of elasticity equal to 3800 MPa [21].