Open a dialogue between groups responsible for waterproofing materials specifications in ASTM, CGSB, and the ICC ES. Development of standards that allow comparison of essential properties of waterproofing will require communication and coordination. A logical starting place is coordination within ASTM, between Subcommittee C24.80 Building Deck Waterproofing Systems and the subcommittees responsible for materials standards in the D08 Committee.

FIG. 10—Average weight change through three cycles at varied conditioning.


Develop a hydrostatic resistance test that is highly repeatable and reproducible, as well as suitable for a wide range of waterproofing products. A reasonable first step is the adoption of impact and hydrostatic tests similar to CAN/CGSB-37-GP-52M, with modifications as required to be used with a wide variety of materials. The existing ASTM standards for hydrostatic testing should undergo additional development to achieve a high level of repeatability and reproducibility.

Standardize the options available in ASTM E 96 for testing for permeance in waterproofing mem­branes. Add permeance testing requirements to specifications that currently lack them.