Proposed Approach for the Exploration of System Capability and Durability

Based on the fundamental knowledge identified in the dynamic-mechanical ma­terial analysis, the assessment approach can be consequently complemented by

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an assessment tool able to validate capability and durability of the complete glazing system (glass-pane-sealant-frame) and it’s interaction with regard to its actual performance. Previous experiences with capability and durability per­formance assessment of pavement joints under load superposition are available as a general foundation for a practical adaption of this approach on SSG sys­tems [6-8,14]. Based on the needs and requirements, and taking into account the performance-related assessment concept, such a system test must demon­strate the following:

• the functional capability in terms of flexibility, cohesive and adhesive bond strength, indication of imperfections, and debonding,

• the durability in terms of fatigue strength and long-term cohesive and adhesive bond strength under superimposed mechanical and climatic loading,

the technical basis for the realization of this complex system testing approach will be a special adapted testing device (see Fig. 19).

The test facility includes a mechanical loading device to simulate quasi­static and/or dynamic horizontal and/or vertical deformations to emulate vari­ous axial and/or multi-axial stress conditions. The loading device is situated in a climate chamber able to apply a simultaneous simulation of the relevant cli­matic loads, i. e., temperature changes in the range —20 to +60°C, rain, relative humidity in the range 40—95%, and UV irradiation with a wavelength range of 300-400 nm. Both loading devices (mechanical and climatic) are synchronized by a central control unit, thus allowing operation in single as well as coordi­nated, superimposed loading modes in numerous variations.