Salt Spray

The testing was conducted in accordance with the test method defined in ISO/ FDIS 28278-1. After an initial conditioning period of 28 days at (23 ± 2)°C and (50 ± 5)% RH, five test specimens were exposed to a salt spray atmosphere which was maintained for 480 h. After salt spray exposure, the test specimens were elon­gated in tensile to their breaking point and tensile stress, elongation at break, as well as the type of rupture was determined. From the stress/strain curve, also the Young’s modulus was determined. As reported in Table 4, essentially all speci­mens tested exceeded the requirement (DXmean > 0.75 and rupture > 90 % cohe­sive) without problems. Only sealants B-3 and B-4 showed adhesive failure.