The Future of C1736 and the Industry

C24 Representative #2—What we are hoping to achieve with the new stand­ard is provide a venue where we can all work together to make litigation disap­pear, repair our infrastructure, and provide us all with better building seals that can allow structures to last longer. There is plenty of blame to go around for our collected industry past, starting with designs that require an impossible level of installation perfection. What we are trying to achieve with the new standard is provide a platform to fix buildings and move forward into the future.

C-24 Representative #1—Too often the initial installation is focused on aes­thetics over function. We need to make sure buildings don’t leak first, and deal with aesthetics second, although looks are also very important. Education of both designers and applicators combined with field testing can achieve both goals.

Applicator—Perhaps a maintenance programs that looks at an installations once every five years or so could become common practice. I think that would be good for owners, applicators, and the industry at large. Right now there are specifications for maintenance inspections written into construction docu­ments, and ASTM guides such as C1193 [6] that make such recommendations, but they are not being implemented industry wide.

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C24 Representative #3—Every sealant producer has to recognize that the rolling device evaluation will, from this moment forward in time, be used more and more. Producers and facade designers have a responsibility to inform the owners what these evaluations will mean in terms of repair or replacement. There are many sealant installations that are twenty or thirty years old, and there is a growing number of ordinances mandating periodic facade inspec­tions. New and improved standards can combine with mandates and expecta­tions to propel the industry forward into the new century. If we combine our efforts as an industry, we can bring building seals into an unprecedented age of function and durability we once only dreamed about.