Ultra-High-Performance – Concrete (UHPC)

The UHPC used is a proprietary concrete product with metallic short fibers. Accord­ing to the manufacturer’s specifications, the ultimate compressive strength at 28 days is expected to range between 150 to 180 MPa with a strength after 24 h equal to approximately 30 MPa [16]. Though supplementary heat treatment administered to the UHPC could allow the compressive strength to exceed 200 MPa [16], this pro­cedure was not performed on the UHPC used in this experimental program. Simi­larly, the manufacturer’s specifications provided values for the modulus of elasticity

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equal to between 50 and 60 GPa [16]. Experimental testing, in accordance with ASTM C469-94 [17], using three UHPC cylinders determined the compressive strength to be 131 ± 12 MPa and the modulus of elasticity to be 52 559 ± 7102 MPa. Splitting tests performed in accordance with ASTM C496-96 [18] showed the tensile strength of the UHPC to be equal to 24 ± 2 MPa.