Application to New Bridge Restrainer System

The LFRR is directly applied to the shock absorber of aseismic block, anchor bar and pounding between girders as shock absorbers of new bridge restrainer system as shown in Figure 13.

However, it is difficult to prevent the fallout accident of girder by only one shock absorber in case of large scale earthquake. Therefore, it would be desirable that a bridge structure may be installed by combining various kinds of shock absorbing system such as rubber wall, rubber-bearing, rubber-pin and rubber chain as shown in Figure 14. For instance, the rubber chain device and rubber wall using LFRR might be useful as devices which can absorb large amount of energy for the huge earthquake.

Furthermore, the rubber-rolled pin would improve the existing bridge restrainer plate system as device which can mitigate the transmitting load to girders.

Herein, the effect of rubber-rolled pin is examined by performing the impact test from the viewpoints of mitigation of impact load and the energy absorption.