Cyclic Loading onAISI304 016 (Al/l = 1%)

The geometrical data of the test specimen are given in Figure 5. The test has been repeated for three specimens. A mark every 10 mm has been placed along a straight line of the external surface in order to measure the uniform maximum elongation after failure (Agt). The distance between the two grips

Fig. 4. Comparative results of the uniaxial tensile test between carbon and stainless steel rebar.

Fig. 5. Geometrical data of the specimens for the cyclic loading tests (dimensions in mm).

has been fixed to 10 times the diameter of the bar. The tests have been performed in displacement control with symmetric tension-compression cycles; frequency 1^3 Hz; amplitude of the imposed displacement: AL = ±1.6 mm (= 1% of 160 mm).