Effect of Laminated Fiber Reinforced Rubber (LFRR) as Shock Absorber

2.1. Specimen and Test Cases of LFRR

The shape of specimen of LFRR is a rectangular cross section with length of 150 mm, wide of 150 mm and depth of 50 mm. The LFRR is consisted of rubber with hardness degrees of 50, 65 and three kinds of fiber which are 6-Nylon (HMF), 6,6-Nylon (MMF) and Vinylon (LMF) with different tensile strength as shown in Table 1. Test cases are shown in Table 2 in which R50 and R65 stand for the rubber with hardness degree of 50 and 65, respectively and LMF5 means the laminated fiber reinforced rubber with five pieces of low tensile strength fiber.