Environmental Surfaces

The realization that environmental surfaces can play a major role in the spread of resistive strains, has led to studies that find inadequacies in current methods of disinfection (Pentella et al. 2000). Many comparative studies have been reported. These studies used standard chemicals as well as new antimicrobial products for surface treatment (Lisay et al. 2000; Tessarin et al. 2000; Rutula et al. 2000). In addition to hospitals, increasing evidence of VRE is being found in long term care facilities (Lai et al. 2000) and in home care settings (Manangan et al. 2000; Greene et al. 2000). Evidence of airborne organisms, inadequate air quality, inadequate hand washing and environmental contamination in Neonatal Intensive Care units (Kassis et al. 2000; Burke et al. 2000) and pediatric care facilities (Goldman et al. 2000) have each been reported.