Illustrative Examples

In order to illustrate the application and potential of the above GBT formulations, some numerical results are presented and briefly discussed next. Even if buckling, vibration and post-buckling results are included here, the space limitations make it impossible to cover more than a small fraction of the different (i) features outlined earlier and (ii) possibilities offered by the various GBT analyses. All the relevant geometrical and material properties of the thin-walled members analysed are given in Figures 11(a)-(b) – note that the elastic-plastic uniaxial stress-strain law is described by a bi-linear expression. For validation purposes, some GBT-based linear elastic results are compared with FEM – based values yielded by the codes Adina (Bathe, 2003) or Abaqus (HKS, 2002) and adopting fine shell element member discretisations.