Numerical Examples

1.2 Example 1

This example demonstrates the usage of the different analysis and design options of “Plastique”. The structure used is a one bay single srorey 2D frame shown in Figure 6.

A monotonic push-over analysis can provide the collapse mechanism of the particular structure as shown in Figure 7.

In addition, a dynamic analysis is carried out. The accelerogram of the Northridge earthquake, normalized at 0.50g, was chosen for the particular analysis (Figure 8).

The resulting displacement time history, the force displacement hysteretic loop, as well as the final Damage Indices (DI) and yield penetration lengths are presented in the following figures (Figures 9 to 11).

In Figure 10, one can notice the gradual shift in the column section’s stiffness due to stiffness and strength degradation effects, and the gradual shift of plastic deformation at a number of steps until the rest at a deformed state.

The damaged state of the structure at the end of the analysis is depicted in Figure 11. The reduced sections are a graphical representation of the inelasticity distribution along each member’s length. The damage index offers a measure of the accumulated damage at each member.