Process Route

The melting shop used by Cogne Acciai Speciali (Aosta, Italy) for the production of standard stain­less steel grades is equipped with an 80 Ton UHP furnace and an AOD converter with the same capacity (EC Report, 2005). The casting process carries out trough a continuous casting machine in square billet 160 mm. The billets are ground and inspected, in order to eliminate all the surface defects due to the casting operations. On line, the hot rolling process is performed in the wire rod and bar mill, consisting on a heating furnace, roughing stand and a continuous mill, capable of producing wire rod in coil from 5.5 to 32 mm and bars from 18 to 100 mm. The rolling mill provides to transform directly the billets into rebars, whose diameters can range between 14 to 50 mm; suitable heat treatment, sand blasting and picking process give the final surface aspect and mechanical characteristics to stainless steel rebars.