Questionnaire Administration

The members of the target population are the qualified contractors working in the Egyptian construction industry. A construction firm was deemed qualified if it was: i) a large scale domestic contractor that is recorded under class ‘one’ of building and complementary work categories according to the Egyptian Federation of Construction Contractors; or ii) an international or multinational contractor that is currently working in Egypt whether solely or under a partnership with another domestic or international contractor.

The respondent filling the questionnaire had to meet the following criteria: i)a total experience of at least ten years; ii)currently working or has been working, for at least five years, with a qualified contractor according to the criteria set before; and; iii) working in an area related to risk (i. e.: risk management, project management, project controls, tendering, … etc).

Based on these guidelines, the size of the target population of qualified contractors was found to be approximately 150 contractors. When applying a percentage of 10% and using an average of two replies from each contractor, the number of qualified replies should be around 30 responses. Such a number would satisfy the minimum requirement of statistical analysis.