SM Studies Series

This, probably the most important and widely known of SMD products, is a collection of publications intended to record major contributions by the SMD at UW in Applied Mathematics, Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis and Synthesis, Experimental Mechanics, and Philosophy of Design. The SM Studies Series makes available works of academic merit which, because of their content or volume, may not be published by scientific journals or as independent books. These include proceedings of seminars and symposia, monographs, research studies and significant doctoral dissertations. (The jacket cover for the first SM Study is shown in Figure 2).

The SM Studies Series was conceived in order to confer a character of permanence to valuable work initiated and completed by SM members and their associates, work that might otherwise be lost or forgotten. The series was published under the direction of an Editorial Committee consisting of S. T. Ariaratnam, M. Z. Cohn, H. E. Leipholz, N. C. Lind, J. T. Pindera and A. N. Sherbourne, with the cooperation of a group of external Consulting Editors of international reputation.

Members of the Editorial Committee led their colleagues by example, by making repeated contributions to the Study Series and other SMD publications in their areas of expertise as follows:

S. T. Ariaratnam: Dynamics, Stochastic Processes, Continuum Mechanics

M. Z Cohn: Structural Plasticity and Optimization, Concrete Structures

N. C. Lind: Reliability, Codified Design and Risk Analysis

G. E. Leipholz: Stability and Mechanics of Continua

J. T. Pindera: Experimental Mechanics

A. N. Sherbourne: Steel Structures, Shell Analysis and Design

Other SMD members at the time also made contributions to the various SMD publications in their areas of expertise as follows:

E. F. P. Burnett: Building Sciences D. J. Burns: Engineering Mechanics R. Dubey: Mechanics of Materials

G. M. L. Gladwell: Applied Mathematics R. Green: Bridge Engineering D. E. Grierson: Structural Optimization

K. Huseyin: Stability

G. M. McNeice: Finite Element Analysis

H. B. Poorooshasb: Soil Mechanics

T. P. Prasad: Applied Mathematics J. Roorda: Structural Stability

R. M. Schuster: Cold-Formed Steel J. C. Thompson: Experimental Mechanics T. H. Topper: Materials Engineering

Figure 2. SM Study No. 1

Among the numerous Consulting Editors and friends of SMD and its publications, we remember the names of E. F. Masur (University of Illinois at Chicago), N. J. Hoff (Stanford University), C. P. Siess (University of Illinois), Ch. Massonnet (University of Liege), and M. R. Horne (Manchester University).

As the SM Studies Series became widely recognized, foreign scholars found it a congenial medium for disseminating results of their work and began organizing and publishing conference proceedings using SMD and UW Press facilities (e. g. see Appendix 1: Studies 12, 15, 16 and 17).

The reputation of SMD and its SM Studies Series may be attributed to its:

• Broad range and depth of areas covered;

• Quality of contributors and their contributions;

• Balance between theory and practice of engineering, classical and modern views, and fundamental and applied research;

• Innovative and outstanding doctoral dissertations (e. g., see Appendix 1: Studies 2 and 4).

It is worth mentioning that the graphic excellence of the SM Studies Series has been a major factor in its broad recognition, due in no small measure to the striking jacket design sporting the SM Logo in different colours for each volume. As listed in Appendix 1, eighteen volumes were published in this series between 1969 and 1988. (The jacket covers for two representative SM Studies are shown in Figure 3).

Figure 3. SM Studies 9 and 14

A second series of publications was the white-cover SM Reports/Papers Series, intended to ensure rapid dissemination, reaction and comment on papers prior to formal publication in refereed technical and scientific journals. As listed in Appendix 2, this series ran for 199 issues from 1969 to 1985. The series was initially called SM Reports, but its name was changed to SM Papers beginning with issue 101 in order to better reflect the nature of its contents. (The front cover of the first issue in the series is shown in Figure 4).

Figure 4. SM Report/Paper No. 1

The blue-cover SM Technical Notes/Reports Series was devoted to materials that deserved preserving for specialized study, but which, because of the type of information or volume, would not be normally published in standard periodicals. As listed in Appendix 3, this series ran for 31 issues between 1971 and 1980, and includes texts presented at various congresses, documents with extensive numerical or experimental data, and computer programs. The series was initially called SM Technical Notes, but its name was changed to SM Reports beginning with issue 15 in order to better reflect the nature of its contents. (Part of the front cover of the first issue in the series is shown in Figure 5