Solving for the Strength of Members by the CSA General Method

Overall, then, solving for the shear strength of a member by the 2004 CSA shear equations require the solution of Equation (1) using the value of в from Equation (4) and в from Equation (5). Equation (7) must also be checked at the end of the process to ensure that a flexure-shear case does not control. These calculations are all performed at the critical shear location, which is generally taken as dv back from the edge of the column, pedestal or wall that applies the load. For uniformly loaded members, multiple sections along the span should be checked to determine where the critical location is. To use either Equation (4) or Equation (5), however, the value of ex must be determined. A number of different cases exist for performing the estimate of ex which differ depending on if they represent a design or analysis case: