Test Program

1.1. Specimen Design

The configurations of specimens are described in Table 1, and the walls with size of 3 m x 2.4 m (height by width) and 1.0 mm thick steel framing were sheathed with gypsum or OSB sheathing. But there was a vertical connecting seam on wall because every board only was half the width of wall, and there was a horizontal connecting seam on wall sheathed with OSB because the length of OSB sheathing was shorter than the length of wall, so a steel strap with 50 mm width and 1.0 mm thickness was fixed along the horizontal connecting seam to strengthen the wall. The studs in the middle of wall were single C-shaped cold-formed steel members, and the studs at both ends of the wall were two back-to-back C-shaped members connected by two lines of self-drilling screws. The 16 mm diameter uplift anchors were used to connect the walls to the test beam at the corner of wall, and the top and bottom tracks of the wall were fixed to the test beam by 12 mm diameter shear anchors. The yield strength of steel fy was 320 N/mm2, the tensile strength fu was 379 N/mm2, and the extension percentage of steel was 34%. Configuration of DSGO wall is illustrated in Figure 1.