Test Rig

The test apparatus consists of a stiff horizontal steel beam at which the foundation of the column is tight through two steel plates connected by 4 pre-tensioned steel bars. The r. c. foundation has been designed in such a way that it remains in the elastic domain while the plastic hinge will develop at the bottom part of the column. The top section of the column is connected to a horizontal actuator

Fig. 12. Test rig and the column prototype.

Fig. 13. Horizontal displacement of the top section of the column.

in displacement control. It moves cyclically, to the left and to the right with respect to the initial configuration, of a given horizontal displacement. The horizontal actuator is connected to a load cell, which gives the horizontal applied force, and a horizontal displacement transducer gives the horizontal displacement. Figure 12 shows also the vertical displacement transducers, located in the bottom of the column, which are necessary for evaluating the “plastic hinge” rotation.