Visiting Scholars

The maturing of SMD is convincingly illustrated by its wide recognition by scholars from all continents and their interest in visiting UW for cooperative projects with our faculty and students. As it would be difficult to list all our distinguished guests and to identify the centres of learning with which SMD has established and developed most productive contacts over the years, we mention below only some of the most prominent guests.

Among many others, SMD was honoured to host such eminent personalities as W. Prager (University of San Diego), A. L. L. Baker (Imperial College, London), F. Levi (University of Torino), C. Menn (ETH, Zurich), J. Muller (Paris, France), G. Maier (Politecnico, Milano), F. Moses (Case Western University), Z. Mroz (Technical Research Institute, Warsaw), N. Khachaturian (University of Illinois at Urbana), and L. A. Schmit (UCLA).