Brittleness and Size Effect in Structural Design

Except for a terse review in the introduciion to the book, we have so far focused on fracture specimens and have not given adequate attention to real structures, reinforced as well as unreinforced. We will focus attention on them in this chapter, however, with a deeper focus on some structures than others. After dealing in the first section with the general aspects of brittleness and size effect and the general procedures to introduce them in practical formulations, vve will devote three sections to a relatively thorough analysis of two important types of structural failure: the diagonal shear of longitudinally reinforced beams (Sec­tion 10.2 and Section 10.3), and the reinforced beams in bending —with particular emphasis on lightly reinforced beams (Section 10.4). The last section of the chapter will concisely review some of the main issues for other structural elements, from torsion of beams to reinforced columns.