Accent – on a bath!

Accent – on a bath!
The central element in an interior though what bathroom is the bath. The powerful design in a small room povsevremenno draws to itself attention, and it means that by itself the idea to place on a bath additional emphasis arises. And it is simpler than all this to achieve by means of color!

Visible, saturated tone of a bath does not remain unnoticed in any case, but at a choice of a shade it is necessary to cope the general color palette of an interior. Rule ordinary: than more brightly and more aggressively you plan to make color of the bath, the background especially should be neutral.

For example, red and orange tone will be best of all to look in a white environment. But fine color details (in tone or contrast) in furnish of walls or in Accent – on a bath!
a set of accessories are possible also. The solar and yellow bath perfectly will approach to the design issued in warm colors – beige, light brown. And here pigeons and green colors in an interior of a bathroom are almost universal. If a bath of such shade to place in a light interior, it is to a meeting will create feeling of purity and freshness, but color furnish of walls in the same palette will not spoil effect, having made a decor is more various.

As to neutral flowers – dark and gray, these options actually always are safe. The bath of a beautiful pearl gray shade will look very elegant, and by means of a black bath it is simple to play on contrast, only it is necessary to look, that the interior as a whole did not leave very dark.

If you do not wish constructive changes, to designate color it is possible only only bath legs. Well and if, on the contrary, it would be desirable something absolutely unusual, it is necessary to choose a bath not only color, well and owning an unusual form – then the success is provided!