Bath — red-fine!

The bath a priori is the central object of an interior of a bathroom. It does not only functional tasks, well and is a subject round which all other situation is created. But whether there can be a bath a room ornament for personal hygiene? Surely! Also it is proved by a set of most striking examples.

What will you tell, let us assume, about a bath of bright red color? Whether it reminds you the fine stranger in a red evening dress, not to behold which on a ringing populous party is unreal? Comparison, maybe, and not so successful, but gets directly to a point, after all to remain indifferent at the sight of a reddish bath not to turn out at Bath - red-fine!

For certain designers of one known company when worked over creation of new model of an acrylic bath were guided by directly such thoughts. The novelty, frankly speaking, left charming! The free-standing bath of "Soko Ovale" is decorated by bright red "facades", from which color in eyes actually рябит. At all this in the red it is executed not only the product case, well and the head restraint, on it is created reminiscence of full harmony in "dress" of this "beautiful lady".

Naturally, simply decorative element of an interior the bath of "Soko Ovale" is not. The novelty is armed with a set of the suitable functions inherent in modern jacuzzis. So will relax in such bath and it is excellent, and with comfort.

Updated: 9 ноября, 2015 — 7:01 дп