Bath … under feet of

Surely, the bath equipped at level of a floor or a podium, has a number of essential advantages in comparison with standard, high "sisters". In – 1-x, such models are safer – to slip and fall risk when using the bathroom drowned in a floor the small. In – 2-x, it is not necessary to make any inconceivable кульбитов to come and leave such bath that, you see, essentially for old men and people with limited impellent ability. In – 3-x, similar models gigiyenichny, well and to look after the products which external surfaces "are tightly hidden" in a floor, much more simply. In – 4-x, the bath which has been built in a floor is stylishly, it is an indicator of the status of the carrier of the house because to have such "pleasure" in the dwelling presumes Bath … under feet of
far not each inhabitant. Eventually, similar models are perfectly entered in a modern interior, look very organically and appropriate to a room more spacious, open look.

It is natural, simple to be washed in such charming bath – almost blasphemy. No, this luxury intends for a true relaxation, for pleasure by the weakened rest, for long outlook, thoughtful meditation… For example, an elegant bath built in a floor from the Bolla collection. It not simply utilitarian sanitary equipment, this true a jacuzzi for two the person, equipped with roundish, symbolically acting sides and 24 air nozzles. To enjoy rest in such bath – continuous pleasure and utility. And all accessories necessary for a relaxation, it is possible to store on shelves and in lockers, nearby.

Is among baths built in a podium and more moderate, "budgetary" models. For example, the Ergo_nomic collection offers the small laconic models calculated only on the 1st person. But the successful flexible shower and a collection of compact lockers with laconic design becomes pleasant addition to such bath.