Boiler. Economical connection of

The energy crisis introduces the amendments even in household questions. The heatsupplying organizations, almost completely refused supply of hot water in houses. Residents should establish electric water heaters. For the man with the minimum tool kit such task absolutely on a shoulder. For this purpose will enough learn about some features of a water heater.

The accumulative water heater of boylerny type, is a thermos with the double steel case. In which the electric heating element is located. The union of removal of hot water is raised under the top of the internal case. Therefore through it only the top sheet of water is taken away. If a boiler did not use within three-five days, it is necessary to wash out it, the deposit at the bottom accumulates and in aspects of the closed volume water can simply become rotten. The union of supply of cold water is over the bottom. To merge water from a boiler it is possible only through it.

1st rule. At distributing installation on the union of supply of cold water we mount the valve of emergency dumping, it will say to you about pressure increase in a boiler. When from the valve water starts to drip, it is necessary to reduce heating temperature. To the valve the tee fastens. On lateral branch of a tee the sharovy crane is established, via this crane we will merge water from a boiler. What not to stand with a bucket at plum, be reserved by a flexible hose of the sufficient are long. One end of a hose is fixed to an exit of the crane, the 2nd is lowered in a toilet bowl or in a bath. Boiler placement in a toilet over a drain tank more comfortable. But here everything depends on apartment planning. Before opening of the drain crane block the crane of supply of cold water. Which is established on the same tee, below drain on a course.

In the presence of the hydrometer counter, a tee for water drainage to a boiler mount after the transient valve. Branch of a tee connect to the crane of giving by a flexible hose or a metalplastic pipe. An exit of hot water from a boiler also equip with the crane. Which connect to a tee on a pipe of hot water. This tee also establish after the transient valve and the counter of a hydrometer of hot water. Centralized supply of hot water we block on a strut in front of the counter. Water from a boiler will go on a bath and a wash basin.