Heat-insulated floor in a bathroom of

The bathroom in each house or the apartment has very bolshushchy value. Without this room to manage very hard. Therefore in it all should be made for comfort. After all on it is much better to leave from warm water and becomes on a heat-insulated floor, rather than on cold. Best of all in this room to make a water heat-insulated floor. At the 1st look there is nothing difficult, but actually there can be some difficulties. Very often happens that all, it seems, made correctly, and the floor why – that is not heated. Therefore here it is impossible to commit mistakes.
Before equipping a bathroom it is necessary обмыслить as it at you will be warmed, on what system the heat-insulated floor will be made. After all there are some options of the device of a heat-insulated floor:
– nastilny option, it when on a flooring pipes keep within, and with top they are put by plates aluminum. After put plates, everything becomes covered by polyethylene but only after that it is possible to stack a floor covering already;
– the wood system, in this case all pipes stack on logs then cover with the made foam polyethylene, and already impose a floor covering;
– there is one more option, concrete system. In this case after pipes will be spread out as it is necessary, them fill in with concrete. When concrete dries it is possible to stack a final covering. For a bathroom it is best of all to use as a final floor covering clay to a scarf;
– it is possible to use polystyrene system. All pipes should be laid between polystyrene layers.
For this purpose. that the floor was reliable, during its operation there were no troubles, leakages it is best of all to use seamless pipes.
Before repair in a bathroom it is necessary to know that the ready heat-insulated floor should be lower on some sentimentality, from floor height on all the house or the apartment. After all during operation, even the most reliable floor can proceed over time. Therefore in case of such situation, water should not spread on all apartment.
If you have a personal house, and you made a heat-insulated floor, then in a bathroom it is possible not to put a radiator or the battery.