Lions paws leave in a past of

Lions paws leave in a past of
Recently baths on legs meet not so often. We mean, on real legs, instead of on ugly support which can be hidden behind a special facade. Perhaps, it occurs because elaborate lion’s paws not perfectly approach to modern interiors. Vobshchem who prevents designers to make a bath on the stylish legs which are keeping up to date, forgive for a pun?

No sooner said than done! Meet a bath of "COMO" which firmly costs on Lions paws leave in a past of
2 massive support. Despite it the model does not look at all the heavy – the small gleam between a bathroom and a floor does «COMO» by rather smart thing. For the rest the bath has an ordinary appearance – ordinary to us a round form, comfortable wide sides. Such bathroom equipment with ease will be entered in though what interior!

And here the founder of the Caroma collection, the designer of Marc Newson, "presented" the model 4 round legs thanks to which the bath became similar to an amusing animal. Probably, it is sending all to the same lion’s paws, but in modern interpretation. Legs are allocated with a contrast color that draws to them attention even more.

Updated: 20 сентября, 2015 — 1:07 пп