Mini-bath for small rooms of

To small bathrooms – mini-baths! For certain such principle the Italian designer Marko Pizati (Marco Pisati) coped, working over new model of a "hybrid" bath of "MINI". The product, really, shows the certain hybrid device, similar to a descent both on a tiny bath and on a small shower booth.

The inexpressible richness of color performance of "fonts" became one more distinctive feature of a new collection. Gold, white, black, bright red, silver – mini-baths from the new MINI collection povsevremenno Mini-bath for small rooms of
draw to itself attention not only a non-standard of forms, well and bright flowers. An additional benefit of models is possibility to establish them both along a wall, and in a room corner. As to convenience of use of amazing designs, the bigger comfort with it is provided by unique dissymetric sides.

If compactness of a bath someone in any way does not suit Marko Pizati advises guide attention to other its work – the FLOwer Style model. The tremendous bath in the form of the semi-revealed flower of a lily will provide bigger comfort and optimum conditions for a relaxation.

And that, and other model of new baths are made of acryle c by a covering гелькоут. External surfaces of products are covered with the decorative and protective material doing novelties more pleasant at use and increasing term more pleasant at use of their service.