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Polotentsesushiteli of
Some products are supplied with the programmed thermostats, allowing to plan work of the hi-tech equipment for a week forward. For example, with a view of economy function of decrease in degree is provided at night. There are the devices which temperature of a surface is limited to the special sensor and 60 °C that guarantees safety to the owner (to burn it is unreal) cannot be higher.

And still there are two basic but. the 1st — need to pay the superfluous consumed kV (to 10–15 kW at an o’clock per day), and the 2nd — severe observance of requirements to connection and service of electroinstallations indoors with the overestimated humidity (which the bathroom concerns). At a skimping them the equipment will pose hazard to life.

Relative novelty of the market — polotentsesushiteli-convectors. These are the compact devices similar to hand-driers being an ideal exit for owners of small-sized apartments. Their feature in operating functioning and possibility of the forced drying of towels and room warming up. The most part of models it is equipped with the sensitive temperature-sensitive element constantly defining air temperature in a bathroom and giving a signal on inclusion or switching off of electric Tan. Similar units are done by the French companies SUPRA, ATLANTIC, the Finnish WARMOS. If became interested, prepare from 6 to 15 thousand roubles it is dependent on a set of additional conveniences, such as an air filtration, adjustment of the direction of thermal waves, existence of the fan providing necessarily warm or cold air.

Harmony of water and current

Polotentsesushiteli of
All pluses of electric and water devices incorporated in the combined polotentsesushitel (heating or GVS system plus a heating element). Within a year the design can heat up at the expense of hot water in pipes (the 1st contour), and for ordinary preventive works — to work at the expense of an electricity. In the latter case heat transfer from the electroboss to a coil is carried out by antifreeze or the water filling the 2nd contour. Thus, a huge part of time Tan does not accept any a role in process, and at seasonal shutdowns it put into operation, the locking gate is blocked, liquid from communications remains in the device and heats up.

Make this view from thin-walled steel pipes or aluminum. To GVS system them connect only via the intermediate heat exchanger.

Similar devices deliver the western Polotentsesushiteli of
companies KERMI, ZEHNDER, NERIA, ARBONIA to Russia and others, and the price, naturally, is much higher — from 35 to 55 thousand roubles.