Stone baths of

Stone baths of
We got used to see the bathroom equipment made of certain materials and trimmed definitely: санфаянс, acryle, enamel. Recently even more often there are products from кориана. But unless on it all? Modern designers even more often use non-standard materials for production of baths and sinks, and quite often the bathroom equipment from it only wins!

For example, we knew to you about wood fonts, such comfortable and absolutely suitable for a rural interior. Also we wrote and about a stunning bath hammock from carbon fiber. And at present time came to have a look at baths from … a natural stone.

Such bathroom equipment really looks very perfectly. Brutal, monumental and during too time very attractive stone bath will be pertinent, for example, on a country site. It it is possible to arrange in a separate room or even open-air, having fenced off screens. In the evenings such bath can be used practically for washing, and in hot weather – as the candidate to the pool with cool water.

How to issue a place near a stone bathroom – to solve to you. But to enter it in landscaping rather simply. It can be and the Alpine hill located nearby, and a usual garden of the stones the font, and a small stone zaborchik instead of screens becomes which center.

Vobshchem, a stone bath will perfectly look and in the house, at all this the interior can be both rough rustikalny, and absolutely modern. Naturally, the bath from an integral stone will be most attractive to look, but it is absolutely possible to impose with more malekhanky stones ordinary bathroom equipment – the look too will be very impressing.

Stone baths of

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