Stylish asymmetry in design of a bath of

If we tell «organic forms», means, we mean roundness of corners, smoothness of lines, naturalness of contours. Really, in the nature is almost unreal to meet right angles or absolutely symmetric subjects.

But if it so, whether that there have to correspond too also subjects of our everyday life to this tendency? Whether it is possible to make in general any functional object which would not look as result Stylish asymmetry in design of a bath of
human work, and showed something complete, made by the nature? It appears, everything in this world can be!

As an example it is possible to give one of the latest works of designers of Studio MK27 studio. They developed absolutely unusual model of a bath, in a form reminding a print of a human foot. The novelty is called as "DR Tub" and can mark to a descent in the bed of 2 people. To one in such unusual bath will bathe even more comfortably as non-standard outlines of "DR Tub" allow to accept to the person more comfortable pose.

The Organichnost of model is underlined smooth dissymetric forms and bends. Increases effect of "prirodnost" naruzhny furnish of the bath issued under a natural tree.