The screen for a bathroom of

The screen for a bathroom of
The Naruzhny party of a bath – low-esthetic and unattractive so why it not to close? No sooner said than done! For this purpose to be necessary for us the screen for a bath – the decorative element consisting of aluminum frames and plastic panels. Under a bathroom as it is clear, too there is a useful place that it did not stand idle idle, plastic panels can be removed. Under a bath thus it is possible to put the air eliminator, ершик and others useful, but from time to time used adaptations and the tool.

The screen is intended for decorative design of a facade of a bath. The element will allow to hide from eyes not always the beautiful bottom. The sliding screen – one of more favourite types of an element, it does three printsipny functions: – a protective barrier from a pronikaniye of domestic pets; – supplements design, does a bath of more modern; – hides different communications. Let’s note that the presented element – the modern and available decision for dressing. Pleasant plus – clients can pick up a product coloring. There is a possibility of replacement of the screen, in case of interior change.


– with plastic frameworks, aluminum racks, mobile panels;

– with framework introduction in width of 22 mm, sets of panels of a vagonka of PVC;

– with an aluminum framework in width in 12 mm and panels from PVC plastic;

– with introduction became, mobile panels of sets of a vagonka.

Ready decisions

Let’s present, at you nevertheless a standard bath and you decided to get the ready screen and to make installation without the aid of others. For a start let’s solve, what screen to choose? Without considering store decisions only a covering plastic allows to form screens without the future furnish. The material is applicable on the prices and is practical, is not afraid to water influence, is biologically neutral. Washes rather easily, has margin of safety and even if one strip of a plastic covering will be damaged, she can be changed.

Screens for the bathrooms, made of an aluminum profile differs high stability to corrosion. Not including it, the profile is painted by polymeric powder paint which is put on the processed surfaces. Development of production of profiles allows to provide high-quality coverings, the screen can be maintained for many years. Aluminum – universal option. It can be painted in though what color, paint will allow to give to panels a unique structure and absolutely to be entered in an interior. The price of aluminum plates is low, they can be changed in case of breakage. Aluminum is almost unreal to break, it does not rust and can serve some years.

The tile is less strong, than aluminum but to work with it more with comfort. Without considering esthetic functions a tile possesses quite good physical lines – confronts to emergence of pollution, simply washes and it is not jarred on. The screen has directing between which special panels of sheet plastic are installed. Panels will move on directing as in sliding wardrobes. In a set there are the getting-out legs, allowing to adjust height, it is simplified by installation. Well and here the skill is required at installation as panels can be damaged.

In the majority screens – are universal and intended for baths from 150 to 180 cm at length. If in the house a bath of an unusual form to pick up the screen – a languid task. Vobshchem the decision is – it is possible to make this accessory most.

We do and collect

It be required to us: a metal profile for framework assembly, tools and fixing elements, also gypsum cardboard and a clay tile. We collect a frame. For this purpose for a while we dismantle a bath, on a floor and walls we put the necessary marking on which and it will be necessary to prepare a metal profile. From a profile we collect a P-shaped design, for strengthening we establish it on vertical racks. The ready framework is sheathed by gypsum cardboard sheets. Printsipno that gypsum cardboard was covered with special impregnation, on another, in case of water hit on sheets, it will inflate and will cave in.

Final step – framework furnish by a tile. Use tiled glue, intertiled seams close up a tiled zatirka. We put on sheets a profile and we put a bath into place. If you have a jack, the bath can and be not removed, simply raise it over a floor and establish profiles, printsipno, that other part of a bath in case of a raising a jack the assistant supported.

Though procedure also seems ordinary, but nevertheless asks some experience therefore if you it do not have better to address to specialists. The most difficult here – to make measurements and to make profiles. Also much that depends on reliable fastening of a profile.