Usual rectangle – a minimalist bath of

Usual rectangle – a minimalist bath of
Forms and a configuration of modern models of baths can be the most unexpected – from ovals, triangles and circles to the ergonomic asymmetry, a reminding trace of a foot of the person. But recently the new tendency which is correctly traced to a meeting in several new collections of different producers was outlined. These are strictly squared baths with roundish corners and the very narrow built-in shelves.

For example, one popular Italian company pleased consumers with a series of rectangular baths of "SYN". Products from this collection can be executed in unusual (for example, Usual rectangle – a minimalist bath of
gray) color and are placed with equal success both about a wall, and in the bathroom center.

One more squared bath executed in minimalist design, is a part of the Tulip collection. Unlike the previous model, its longitudinal sides are located at different height that, in opinion, founders of a collection, the product does to more comfortable in use. To arrange this bath it is also possible or as separately standing subject, or at a wall.

Common feature at the presented models is mixer placement. In difference of the accepted standards it is not in a bath headboard, and on the center of a lateral side.

Updated: 21 февраля, 2016 — 2:03 пп