We adapt foreigners of

We adapt foreigners of
If you can entrust drying of own towels to devices only the imported production, to you it is necessary visit attention to the adapters, helping to adapt a thin-walled ideal to specific service conditions in GVS system. It is developed and is issued in the Russian Federation (there are 1,1–1,5 thousand roubles).

The device consists of 2 contours: the 1st is connected to GVS system and filled with hot water. Heat from it via the additional heat exchanger is transferred to the second contour on which the water being directly in a polotentsesushitel circulates.

But work on adaptation of «overseas guests» to Russian realities proceeds. For example, at all so long since in the Russian market there was a new development — option with the heat exchanger. The last establish directly on a strut of GVS or nearby. Act principle here the following: from the heat exchanger special pipelines are brought to a polotentsesushitel, providing the correct circulation and, as result, good heatreturn.

We adapt foreigners of
In the model prices with the adapter for 10–15 % surpass own competitors (for example, zabugorny devices stand from 14 thousand roubles, and Russian — from 3 thousand roubles). But actually similar purchase gives a number of advantages. In – 1-x, it is possible to dismiss fears concerning pressure in the highway and to existence in oxygen water. In – 2-x, possibility of huge failures (after all heat-carrier volume in the 2nd contour — only some l is excluded.). In – 3-x, in case of a zasor or a zarastaniye deposits of internal section of pipes the 1st contour of the heat exchanger is simple for cleaning or even to change.

But you can go in a different way and find the polotentsesushitel of zabugorny production made specially under the Russian realities and made of high-quality stainless steel. Purchase will cost to you more than 10–12 thousand roubles.

Councils on acquisition

Only at the 1st look it seems that purchase of a polotentsesushitel, in particular water — business ordinary. There are significant nuances.

We adapt foreigners of
It is necessary to consider the area of a room which is supposed to be heated, and not to forget about all factors influencing change there of temperature. Equipment select at the rate of 80–120 W on 1 sq.m.

Special attention turn on a unit material. Models from stainless steel are recognized as the best Russian products. And here having decided to acquire imported production, stop on that that it is made of brilliant brass.

More printsipno to find out, the device which has attracted to you (such data are in its passport or in technical properties) is calculated on what working and opressovochny pressure. These properties should not surpass pressure size in a water supply system of your house (otherwise the equipment can become unfit for use). In general these sizes are regulated by normative documents and state standard specification. In coordination with them all water folding fittings should maintain in a usual mode of 6 atm. and at an opressovka — 10 atm. And here in case you get the device for a suburban cottage, it is better not to load yourself with superfluous information, and to take though what polotentsesushitel who has pleasant to you: pressure of internal system of personal houses, usually, does not surpass 4 atmospheres.