Basketweave Panels

Basketweave consists of groups of three bricks laid alternately vertically and horizontally. Construction begins with an opening formed in the main wall ready to receive the panel; next, the panel bricks are laid in the general order shown (see Fig 259). This is not the only order that can be used but it is the one that will prove the easiest and most convenient for the bricklayer. When installing the bricks into the panel, all stretchers are laid to a string-line as the bed joints will coincide with the bed joints in the main wall. Bricks 1 and 2 will be laid first, the line will be moved up to lay bricks 3 and 4, then moved up again to lay bricks 5 and 6, followed by the three soldiers bricks (7, 8 and 9). The soldier bricks must be laid vertically and each one must be checked up its vertical side with a boat level, and the front face plane, top to bottom, lined in to the surrounding brickwork with a straight-edge or spirit level. This general pattern of working is repeated as the panel is built upwards, then the brickwork of the main wall is continued over the top of the panel.

Fig. 259 The general order of the method of construction of a basketweave panel.